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half ago. john sasaki joins us now. he has late details. john what can you tell us? >> reporter: we just spoke to resources that told us important information about today's developments. investigators showed up to go through the home where ricardo sales was found a week and a half ago. and shortly after they arrived, investigators found a second body. there's no word on how it was not discovered on previous searchings of the home conducted. this is the -- we're going to now hear from the spokesman from the hercules police department. >> at this point the body has not been identified, a cause of death has not been identified. other than that, that's pretty much all the details i have at this time. >> reporter: now fredrick sales has been missing for a week and a half. valdemoro was killed by the chp after a chase into the strip mall in the el cerrito border. it's still going to be a while before police come out and release any more information. we did hear on one hand from hercules pd that they're not going to have any more information tonight, but we did talk to other sources who sa
wife about what happened just after he was rushed here. freemont police tell us that young was hit by two bullets. doctors say his injuries were so severe they transfused six times the normal amount of blood found in a human body. freemont police say oakland police saved his life by rushing him to highland hospital in the back of a squad car. nicole young, todd young's wife today emotionally learned about how she learned about her husband's shooting. >> i was told that he wouldn't let them put him to sleep until he called his wife. he called me and said he was in highland hospital and that he was okay, he just got hit in the leg. so i came up here. >> reporter: young has been under sedation for a week now in order to help him recover from his wounds. trauma doctors say it'll be several days before he can communicate with visitors. nicole young describes for us what she hopes to tell him when he wakes up. >> that i love him and i want to bring him home to our kids. that they miss him, and he's strong, he's very strong. and we have a long life ahead of us. >> i believe that michael t
: that's the warning today from san francisco police to people who use smart phones or musical players without minding their surroundings. >> i usually keep my belongings in my purse. >> reporter: the warning comes after several robberies in which suspects use threats or physical threats to take items from their victims. in one case the suspect entered the back door of the nummi bus to demand the victim's wallet. police say a 15-year-old riding home from school aboard a j church train last night had his cell phone and mp3 player taken by an adult man. >> he is told to give up the device or he's going to be shot. >> reporter: police say five other late night cash and cell phone robberies may have been committed by the same two suspects. with this weekend street festivals and more people on the street, police are urging smart phones and i pod owners to be aware. >> look around, turning your head changes the whole dynamic instantly because they think you are looking at them. >> actually when i'm talking on the phone, i'm more concentrated on the conversation and not what's happening aroun
close to us. >> students also know there will likely be changes to their offcampus lunch policy. >> we're so concerned when the student the leave campus. where are they -- students leave campus. where are they going? we have facilities. they can bring their lunch. >> reporter: the department of alcohol beverage control has bunched an investigation to find out how the teen got ahold of the alcohol in the first place. the novato school board has launched and investigation to find out why no one noticed he was drunk at school. >>> petaluma police are looking for a driver who hit a pet in a crosswalk and then took off. cindy white suffered moderate injuries in the accident. it happened at d street and petaluma boulevard south. witnesses identified the hit and run driver's vehicle. it's white with a two-toned burgundy stripe. >>> alameda prosecutors filed new charges that injured a police officer lat month in a shooting. police say officer todd young was serving the search warrant when he was shot by andrew barrientos. investigators say that the other suspect, sierra, picked up barrientos a
says footage gathered will be used as evidence in training and much more. >> having these cameras out there make officers act in a professional manner and if they are not we're going to be able to take action on those officers. >> we call them to report something they treat us as if we're the suspect. >> reporter: oakland residents say record away. the more that's documented the better for anyone. >> keep them on their toes to where, you know, i'm on the camera, you know, i can't do anything i'm not supposed to do if i'm gonna do what i'm supposed to. >> reporter: as for officer jason scott he wishes he had it earlier. >> this would have been the best tool in the world for me because i would have been able to avid even someone saying i was rude or mean to 'em or anything of the sort. >> reporter: at the end of an officer's shift all footage is ingested into a database and stored. the department with the city council's approval expect to have 350 cameras in place by winter. reporting live here in oakland, mike knee back, ktvu news. >>> the change of venue for you chef fay the fourth an
automated messages on the telephone. they told us everybody out here that they had a sewage spill and they were working on it and they did. >> reporter: but a dog watch group says she's concerned about an increasing problem on spills. >> they've spilled 50,000- gallons of sewage, and that number is larger than any in the peninsula. >> reporter: crews will start treating the spill as soon as tomorrow until then, swimming, fishing and boating here remaining off limits. recording live in redwood city, maureen naylor. >>> we want to take a moment now to make a very important correction. earlier in this newscast we spoke to a woman who's son is serving in the military overseas. devlin sewell was speaking to us on the president's speech. we want to make it clear that her son is okay and is in iraq. we apologize for the mistake. >>> the city redevelopment agency and nonprofit is saying the neighborhood is undergoing something of a renaissance. since 2003, 30 building facades have been renovated and 30 new business have opened up in that south of market neighborhood. >>> the university of
to the microphone. let's take this press conference now. >> as we wind down the day and its been a long day for us, i want to start by saying that 24 hours ago we had a major explosion and a fire here. we are still at 37 destroyed homes, 7minor and moderate homes damaged. as of now we still have four deaths. law is still looking at the missing person reports to help us if are anymore deaths. we have done our preliminary search, that's complete. we still have a lot of work to do. there are still a lot of hazards at the site. we still have a lot of hot areas. we just came back. is still a lot of smoldering and in those cases we can't get the dogs into check. i still want everybody to know that as much as we want to let folks go back to their homes the area is still a very dangerous area. we have had a lot of requests from folks that want to go home. they want to see their property, they want to see their houses, they want to go see their property. it's a dangerous area and we are asking them to please understand safety is first. the outpouring of support has been amazing. the community has stood tog
minutes after the explosion. >> we have no water at the hydrant. we need them to bring it to us. >> copy that. >> we think we have a broken water main down here so they need to come in from the corner of san bruno avenue. >> we have possibly several blocks on fire at this time. >> also on the tapes we heard some confusion at first as to what exactly was causing the flames. you hear first responders telling dispatchers that it appears that a plane went down. it ended uptaking about 20 minutes before authorities on the scene realized it was actually a gas line explosion. >>> the san mateo coroner's office identified a fourth victim of that explosion and fire as 81-year-old elizabeth torrez. the torrez family said she only made it to her front porch on clairmont drive before she was overcome by flames from thursday's blast. we also learned today funeral services already held later this week for the other three victims. 30-year-old jessica morales. jaquelin grey and her 3-year- old daughter janessa. >>> we've also learned that three members of the bullis family are missing. the coroner's off
, a judge ruled that the measure violated the u.s. constitution. they said in part, "there is no fundamental right to marry a person of the same-sex." prop 8 opponents have until mid- okay mid-october to file their response. >> a funeral is scheduled for san bruno victim jessica morales. her boyfriend, joe ruigomez was seriously injured. >>> a san bruno teenager has organized a benefit concert tomorrow to help the victims of the san bruno explosion. the myers neighbors event is scheduled for tomorrow from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the cappachino cool softball field. the event is free, but organizers encourage donations to be added to the lion's club fund, setup to help the us. >> health, all of the clouds and moisture in advance of a storm system that will impact your forecast for tomorrow. as far as today, we had quite a bit of drizzle and even light showers, measurable in these locations out towards hay ward, you can see .500idge. see.500". we increase rain tomorrows tomorrow across the bay area. you can see not a lot in the south bay, a few hundredth of an inch, .05" but in the north d
to walk again, i had to learn how to use my hands and range of motion. i had to learn how to really speak. >> reporter: at least seven people are still being treated for burn injuries as a result of that pipeline explosion. three at san francisco general and four at st. francis hospital in san francisco. >>> there are new health concerns tonight in the san bruno fire zone. with the possibility of rain, the burn cars, homes and contents could pose a health risk. ktvu's health and science editor john fowler joins us from the fire zone with more. >> reporter: health officials today declared this a hazardous site and requiring residents inspecting their homes like these people to wear white suits and masks. but, fire officials say they do have a plan to protect the public. >> intense heat incinerated everything. releasing potential deadly toxins from asbestos to heavy toxins. crews acknowledge they have not tested. >> we are deciding to handle this material as it would be hazardous, not hazardous waste but hazardous. >> reporter: homeowners let in today but only with protective gear including
involved. four people have been sent to the hospital. police are telling us they don't believe that those injuries are life-threatening. the whole area is sold off. it will probably be several hours before they are gonna have all of this cleaned up -- cleaned up and ready for traffic. people are being detoured. we want to bring in a person involved in that accident. with me is shelton mcclendan. could you tell us what happened? >> basically, i just got off work -- [ no aid grow ] >> just got -- just got off coming over here at the red light here and all i could feel bass impact, you know, just consistent impact in the back of our van now. and it's quite a shame because i couldn't do anything. i'm just sitting there in the van. i can just see the cars coming consistently behind our van here. and i just felt trapped, you know. >> did the driver say anything? >> the driver? >> of the truck. >> the driver of the truck, he was like got off the truck and put his hands on his head and was like oh, my god! all i can do is just kind of sit tight, wait, because i've been in a situation where i can'
members of the bullis family died. dna was used to identify 50- year-old gregory bullis and his 85-year-old mother. the coroner also confirmed remains found at the family home were those of 17-year-old william james bullis. the family had already acknowledged their deaths. >>> pg&e crews began to dig up a natural pipeline running right underneath a densely populated area. but it's not in san bruno. recent tests uncovered a potential problem with this pipe in south san jose near the east ridge shopping mall. a robot inside picked up what appeared to be a dent. >> we got the the results -- the results back last wednesday. so we are seeing was under the ground and making what repairs are necessary. >> samples near the pipe and soil will be determining the remaining use of the line and we have continuing coverage of the explosion on, including more information about pg&e's response since the fire. >>> tonight, one of oakland's largest employers has a plan to move hundreds of jobs out of the city and into suburbs. clorox says they will move 500 workers to their pleasanton location b
the scene all day and he joins us now live with the latest, robert. >> reporter: julie, it is a grim scene here at the redwood shores lagoon. about an hour ago, the transportation safety board took over the operation, so the rescue mission by the sheriff's department and coast guard is over. one body was recovered but the body believed to be of bob borman and two passengers are still under water. the beach craft twin engine plane with a pilot and two passengers took off from san carlos airport just after noon. many people who work around the lagoon heard the plane nose dive into the water. >> it banked straight up into the air and i jumped up of the of my desk and said, plane crash. call 911. it sounded like it had a hard time accelerating. then i looked up and heard a big boom. the plane just went down, so i ran to the lake. >> reporter: a lot of people tried to get to the scene including who men in a kayak, some swimmers. but the coast guard sent them away because of the leaking oil. >> i can tell you she was found a couple of feet from the plane. she was not seat be
. >> and stay with us for continuing coverage of the explosion and fire. you can also find updates at any time and see additional video and photos by going to our website, click on the san bruno tab. >>> plans to release sarah shourd held hostage in iran for more than a year has hit another snag. iran offered to release her for $500,000 bond. they countered to lower the bail because they are struggling to raise the cash. so far iranian authorities are not -- have not responded. she was detained also with josh fattal and shane bauer. . >> it is unfair that this immigration system is hurting so many families an separating us from our own parents. even if they come to the united states for a better life. >> the groups will join about 500 others across the country. they plan to meet with senator charles schumer and house speaker, nancy pelosi. >>> today, law enforcement officials who support legalizing marijuana went to city hall to announce their support for prop 19. backers say prop 19 would reduce crime by breaking the hold of drug cartels. >> here in oakland, where dozens of people a
update from the california highway patrol, an officer tells us that that 17-year-old driver has been arrested for driving under the influence. the driver was also cited for driving without an accident. officers now say alcohol was definitely a factor in the accident. nevado high school administrators didn't make any announcements about the accident this afternoon. but students like kaley goodson heard about it any way. goodson says she does not know yet which one of her friends was killed in the accident. but it will be hard to deal with. >> it's scary. >> reporter: the five male students between 17 and 18 years old were going west on nevado boulevard in this bmw. the driver lost control and the car did a 180 ending up backwards in the opposite lane of traffic. >> you can see a deep gouge, a grind mark you could say. in the path of the semi. >> reporter: the semi couldn't stop on time. two passengers died on impact. the driver of the semi wasn't injured and helped paramedics pull the injured teens from the wreckage. >> he stepped in to help out, how could you not. really a very
because of one safety -- survived because of one safety precaution. >> reporter: carolyn gray showed us their bank statements along with their insurance documents. at their properties this afternoon, crews used an excavator to pick up the charred rem remnants of what was once the gray's home. >> almost a sense of closure. it's really over. i thought it would be more emotional to see it all disappear and it wasn't. >> reporter: the degree is being wrapped in plastic and taken to the hayward landfill. another priority is removing this melted jungle gym. >> i'm hoping that what we do for them taking them off of their mind so they can come back in a few weeks and see a property that has been cleaned up will help them in their recovery process. >> we're happy to be in a rental house and to start moving forward. >> reporter: we talked with the county in just the last hour. they say crews were able to wrap up their work today because they completed with they wanted to. they plan to work for the next six weeks. reporting live in san bruno, maureen naylor. >>> state utility regulators say they
. >> this helps us become familiar with the equipment we use during an emergency. >> reporter: the bay is a warm bathtub, out there it's dangerous 24/7. whether loading or disenbanking, the pilots must use rope ladders. >> during the winter months in particular, it can get a little bit dicey. we don't plan on the worse happening but we try to prepare for the worse that could happen. >> reporter: and it has in their 160 years of service, several pilots have been lost at sea, one in the 1980s and many have had career ending injuries. so beside practical training, the drills have a deeper purpose. >> i think it helps fight complacency, keeps in the back of everyone's mind that this sort of scenario could occur and keeps people thinking about it. >> reporter: often such training is coordinated with the coast guard. >> i think a helicopter could be on location very quickly, within five, 10 minutes. >> reporter: but in the cold waters of the northern pacific,. >> survivalment is measured in terms of minutes, certainly not hours. you start losing ability to use your hands and limbs in a matter of minut
make it legal to have, grow or transport marijuana for personal use. opponents say the law would create legal confusion as cities try to determine how much they can and should cooperate with federal drug authorities. but supporters say governments could raise governments by taxing marijuana and the law would free up police officers. >> legalize marijuana and arguably a whole lot of police activity, law enforcement activity will go into arresting individuals that are committing real crime. >> reporter: in sacramentoable opposition to prop 19 came from an unexpected place. the cannabis association says it opposes the measure. the group says the law would inadvertently hurt cannabis patients because the law would prohibit the sale of marijuana. nay say that would force patients to drive farther to other areas where marijuana sales are allowed -- they say that would force patients to drive farther. >>> today ktvu news got a first look inside the new death penalty chamber which is ready to be put to use next week. that's when albert greenwood brown is expected to be executed for the killing
between the 5:00 and 7:00 hour at summer point. >> tran's son told us today that efren valdemoro treated his mother well and never expected he would do something like this. now, tran lives at the home where she rented rooms to two men. one was found beat than to death and one is missing. they are thinking efren valdemoro may have been jealous. >> there was a dispute that involved the victim and the son and the suspect. the dispute was over a concern by the suspect that there may have been something going on between them. >> police say efren valdemoro in the death of two women in this house in vallejo but aren't sure of the motive. now, efren valdemoro has an expired security guard licensed but apparently unemployed. so far there are four victims and authorities say they fear frederick is in danger of being the 5th. >>> residents in the vallejo neighborhood where two of those victims were found were stunned to learn about the discovery not only of bodies but the explosives of homes where one of those victims lived. >> scary. i'm shaken by the whole thing. >> it's crazy that you see that h
days around the bay area. our meteorologist mark tamayo joins us with a bit of a sneak peek. >> heather, we have clear skies for the inland spots towards concord and livermore and even san josi reporting mostly sunny skies. the cloud a factor near san francisco, pacifica and half moon bay. will were signs ever clearing with the northerly breeze developing. the fog pattern has been on the decrease, but still locally dense patches closer to pacifica and san francisco. as far as temperatures from today, you can see the range from 60 in pacifica, san josi topping out at 79 degrees. most areas about 4-8 degrees cooler than yesterday's highs. here is the spot forecast in the south bay, san josi we're expecting clearing skies, partly cloudy skies first thing tomorrow morning at 7:00. 56 degrees by 12:00 and by 3:00 a forecasted high of 81 degrees. that is for tomorrow. coming up i will have, nor on the temperature change that will impact your labor day forecast. >>> well, travel this labor day by car is expected to be up this year. it seems the economy may be keeping people groun
. >> reporter: the california police chief's association is using similar arguments. >> marijuana is a mind altering drug. it does things to people. more people are going to smoke it if it passes, more will be driving under the influence. >> reporter: there is plenty of support for marijuana. >> probation didn't work. you sell a far more dangerous drug in bars than on the corner. >> reporter: mark from the field poll says passing of the proposition will depend on voter turn out. live in daley city. >> two other new field polls were released today. one shows proposition 23 losing 45% to 34%. that proposition would suspend a new law that requires reduced green house gas emissions. >>> proposition 25 which would change the vote required in sacramento to pass the state budget from a two thirds majority to a simple majority is a head. 46% to 30%. that has dropped since july when 65% of those surveyed supported it. >> a plea from a death row inmate scheduled to die next week hasn't swayed the judge who just allowed executions to resume in california. the convicted murder and rapist albert brow
friday. that's because there's a shortage of a key drug used in executions, sodium thiapenthol. in a statement, the attorney general's office says -- >> reporter: the statement didn't say when that would be and the spokesperson declined to be interviewed. officials say the drug is available for the execution of albert brown, condemned for the rape and killing of a 15-year- old girl in riverside in 1982. uc berkeley law professor heads this -- >> i think we know know why the state was rushing. >> reporter: today brown received a legal setback in court today. attorneys seeking to halt the killing of albert brown asked a marin county superior court for a temporarily restraining order while the state can review the protocol. >> mr. brown cannot prove that -- [ inaudible ] >> the application for a temporary restraining order is defined. >> the department of california corrections did not follow the rules when they enacted these regulations. the court needs an opportunity to evaluate those very serious claims before we carry out executions. >> reporter: attorneys are appealing today'
licenses, my wife is going to come and join us. >>> and what a great day to go out fishing today. it was absolutely beautiful. a nice end to a holiday weekend. we just had some spectacular weather this weekend. >> temperatures warmed up nicely. lots of mid-90s. air quality wasn't as good as they had been, but temperatures are trending down again as we move into the next 24 hours. there is the fog, you can see it down around monterey right now, that fog is heading your way as we move into the late evening, early morning hours. so that's the big change. the fog comes back. temperatures drop, and major cooling is the buzz word here in the weather center. not just 5 degrees but as much as 15 degrees tomorrow. and then another 5 degrees on wednesday. and with this there's a slight chance for a sprinkle on tuesday, late night early wednesday morning. but, when i say sprinkle. mainly drizzle and a drop, drop, drop. shouldn't be enough to change anybody's even if you're working outdoor plans. the forecast for san jose. here's the big drop off. 76 tomorrow for our daytime high. just a coo
the whole thing on hold to say "i'm gonna need a substantial amount of time." >> one of the drugs used in executions is set to expire on friday. that means that there will be no executions at least until next year. by then, the state will have a new attorney general, and a new governor. reporting live at san quentin, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> our coverage of the legal battle over executions in california continues on you will also find more information about death row including a look at some of the infamous inmates being held there. just click on the death row tab. >>> san francisco police have named a suspect in yesterday's rape, robbery and beating at the potrero hill housing project. the attack happened around noon yesterday. officers say 25-year-old damir sha lake oh has a distinctive sf tattoo on his face as well as on his neighboring. damirshalako. investigators say he is on parole from santa rosa and typically travels on public transit. >>> family members of murdered children can now ask the judge to seal the autopsy reports of their loved ones. governor arnol
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24